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Montrail FluidFeel II (Spring 2014)

$110 | 10.4 oz | 8mm drop | www.montrail.com alt

The Dirt: Montrail’s second rendition of an old favorite pairs an airy upper (improved from the FluidFeel I) with a supportive foundation—pronators rejoice! Foam nodules lock your heels in on steep climbs.

Many testers, upon first glance, worried that the FluidFeel II seemed bulky—but, after running in it, were wooed by its lightweight feel. It boasts ample cushioning highly praised by one tester who identified himself as “an older runner with knee surgeries.”

Best For: The FluidFeel II offers true versatility, lending comfort on every kind of terrain for distances up to 100 miles—“supportive on technical trails and fast on the road!” said one tester.

Traction: The tread performs best on dry surfaces ranging from pavement to technical trails.

Fit: This shoe fits narrow and slightly small. Testers praised the out-of-box comfort and lack of break-in time.

The Downsides: Some testers reported slippage on wet surfaces.

Tester-Monial: “After over a few hundred miles of pounding, tripping and kicking roots, my FluidFeel IIs are still in one piece, with no tears or busted seams—a testament to quality materials and construction!”
—Todd Merrill, Woodstock, MD


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