What We’re Getting Dirty With This Week

I’m Zoë Rom, gear editor at Trail Runner. Each week, I hit the trails with a bunch of new products, everything from shoes to trail snacks.Snow is really starting to fall around Trail Runner HQ, which means I’m busting out my winter shells and ice spikes to get in my miles.  This week’s roundup are the standout pieces that are helping me celebrate and embrace the chilly shoulder season!

North Face Futurelight Flight Jacket

This shell is light and breathable and packs a weatherproof punch for gnarly winter gales. It’s burly without being bulky and has become my go-to layer for wet winter days. The cut is sleek and modern and makes me feel like a tech-wear Jedi.

Ultimate Direction Utility Belt

To avoid being that trail runner who does their winter road runs with a vest, I’ve been using UD’s utility belt to carry my water, snacks and phone for winter long runs. I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve been able to cram into this belt without too much bounce.

Lily Trotters Holiday Socks

It’s never too early to get in a festive and compressive spirit with Lily Trotters compression socks. These are great for chilly runs and eating holiday cookies on the couch, both of which are critical for a balanced training regimen.



Avery Pacer IPA

There’s nothing more refreshing after a run than a hazy IPA, and Avery’s new Pacer brew is delicious. It’s a bit lighter than other IPA’s with just 4.5 ABV (not even enough to make it count for a Beer Mile!) and 100 calories so that it won’t leave you incapacitated after finish line celebrations.

Picky Bars Chocolate Oatmeal

This oatmeal is the best way to start the day. It’s sweet, earthy and is choc-full of beets and chocolate. There’s research that suggests beets can be performance-enhancing, and in my N=1 study, chocolate is delicious and should be eaten for breakfast every day. It’s my favorite way to keep my nagging sweet tooth and looming iron deficiency at bay.

Other Recommendations

Mary Cain’s recent NYT Op-ed has prompted a conversation about women in running, and this article offers so much hope for the future of running. Science Vs. is one of my favorite podcasts that tackles the myths and research behind everything from sharks to CBD. I also highly recommend cooking this pumpkin chili for your next recovery meal.