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Learn Self Massage to Run and Feel Better - Page 3

Photo by Duane Raleigh

Tool: Foam Roller
Area: Quadriceps, hamstrings, illiotibial (IT) bands
Start with your IT bands. Lie sideways on the ground with your left leg on top of your right leg and lift your body up to place the foam roller beneath you, perpendicular to your body. Put your weight on the roller just below your right hip and brace yourself on the floor with your right arm. Slowly roll the device down toward the side of your knee, then roll back up toward your hip. Similarly, lie face up to roll out your hamstrings and face down to roll out your quads.

Tool: The Stick
Area: Calves, hamstrings, quadriceps

The little brother to the foam roller, the stick is used in a similar fashion. However, instead of relying on body weight, you use your upper body. This is particularly good for the calves, which are hard to massage with the foam roller.

Tool: Golf Ball
Area: Plantar fascia

Place your foot on top of the golf ball, and make circles around the heel area and then lengthen strokes towards your forefoot. If you have a tight area, pause on top of it and apply a bit of extra pressure. Begin by sitting and as your body can tolerate it, apply more weight. Be careful to avoid pushing too hard and causing bruising.




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