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5 Must-Do Trail-Running Camps - Page 2

2. Hut Run Hut


The mountain trails in Vail, Colorado. Photo by Flickr user Hawthorneave // Creative Commons

Elite ultrarunners Jenn Shelton (winner of the 2007 Rocky Raccoon Ultramarathon) and Rickey Gates (five-time member of the U.S. Mountain Running Team) will lead a group of 12 runners on a 100-mile adventure along the peaks and ridges of the Continental Divide. The journey will take the runners from Aspen, Colorado, to Vail, Colorado, stopping for rest at 10th Mountain Division Huts along the way. This seven-day trip costs $1,100, which includes local transportation, hut fees, food and a Salomon trail-running pack.

It is recommended that athletes arrive in shape and acclimated to the elevation, but Gates and Shelton emphasize that the goal of the trip is to have fun. “I believe that the stronger you come into the trip the more fun you will have,” says Gates on the Hut Run Hut website. “With that said, I also believe that this trip is accessible to anybody that is up for the challenge. If you believe that you can run 100 miles through the Rockies, then I do too!”

Huts + Rickey Gates + Jenn Shelton = good time.

This is Hut Run Hut’s inaugural year, and a project that has been a long time coming. Gates worked in the 10th Mountain Division Huts from age 17 to 20, performing maintenance work and guiding visitors. It was during these mountain summers of Gates’s youth that the idea for Hut Run Hut was born. “The huts provide an atmosphere where your life slows down to the pace that maybe it should be all the time,” says Gates. He also says that participants should not think of this trip as training, but as a way to connect more with the outdoors. “I don’t care if people take a minute off their 5K time. If everybody has a lot of fun, that’s my main goal.”

While the 2014 Hut Run Hut is already filled to capacity with a waiting list of over 80 people, plans are in the works for next year’s trip.


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