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The Beards of Ultrarunning - Page 2

Fastest-Growing Beard: Dominic Grossman

2013 and 2011 Angeles Crest 100 Mile Champion

Photo by Jayme Burtis Photography

If Dominic Grossman shaves in the morning, he will have a beard by the evening. If he squeezes the muscles in his face, it will come in by noon. If his shaving cream makes him sneeze, it will instantly regrow and he will have to start over.

Grossman might be better known for his mustache, but in the year of the beard, he has jumped on board with the full-cover craze.


Best Grey Beard: Criss Furman

191 Miles, Silverton Challenge 6-Day at age 66

Photo by Criss Furman

Great beards are not a privileged reserved for the young. Quite the opposite.

A great big grey beard like 67-year-old Furman's screams "experience." As in, "I have experience living in Silverton, Colorado," or "I have experience running 191 miles in one effort," or "I have experience growing beards."

In a sport brimming with young new talent, those with grand bearded ambitions could learn a lot from a veteran like his.


Best Beard-cicle: Zeke Tiernan

Runner up, Leadville 100 and sixth place, Western States 100, 2012

Photo by Zeke Tiernan

A teacher by trade, Tiernan says he only grows his beard between Thanksgiving and Spring Break each year. Boy, does he get his money’s worth.

A close finish to Grossman in the speed-growing category, and second only to Mike Wolfe (see below) in density, Tiernan’s beard could probably win a “most well-rounded” category. That is, until winter hits. While other beads might retreat to warmer climes or take contentment sitting by the fire, Tiernan’s is out testing its mettle – collecting ice, protecting his face from the elements, like a good beard should.


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