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The Beards of Ultrarunning - Page 3

Wildest Beard: UltraPedestrian Ras (Jason Vaughan)

Altra Ambassador, Team 7 Hills, Seattle

Photo by Glenn Tachiyama

As his moniker indicates, Ras isn’t about winning every race he enters so much as enjoying the experience.

But one category where he wins, hands-down, is hair. His beard, while stout, isn’t even the best thing growing on his own head – his dreadlocks go for days and are in a league of their own. Yet despite being overshadowed, his beard is among the best out there, period.


Woodsiest Beard: Chris Lundstrom

3rd, TNF San Francisco 2009; 4th, American River 50 Mile 2012

Photo by Erik Lindstrom

A (relatively) clean-shaven Lundstrom qualified for the last three Olympic Marathon Trials. But he ditched the road and the razor and hasn’t looked back since.

From time to time the elusive athlete-turned-coach will show his students how it’s done – like, as one spectator described, “800-year-old Yoda suddenly pulling backflips and kicking everyone’s ass in Star Wars.” He will emerge from the north woods of one of Minnesota’s ultras many minutes before the nearest competition, each time a bit scragglier than before.

We wonder if he hasn’t simply been living in the woods the whole time, lying in wait for race day.


Most Underrated Beard/Gone Too Soon: Mike Wolfe, 2012

2011 TNF 50 San Francisco Champion and Western States 100 runner-up

Photo by Brett Rivers/San Francisco Running Company

2012 was, by his own admission, a subpar racing year for Mike Wolfe. But one apparent perk of leaving his post in a U.S. Attorney’s office to focus on his running career that year was the freedom to adopt a look every bit as wild and Montanan as his last name.

The beard he was sporting at the 2012 The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship in San Francisco was rugged, full, and just the right size to strike fear into the heart of the competition.


Best Potential Beard: Dakota Jones

2012 Transvulcania Champion; 2011 Hardrock 100 and TNF San Francisco runner-up

Photo by David Clifford

As soon as the 23-year-old Jones can grow one, we expect this Colorado kid who is named after a type of sandstone formation to sport a very solid beard.




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