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On the women's side, a couple of past winners of the 135-mile Badwater— Lisa Bliss (lisabliss.blogspot.com) and Jamie Donaldson (altitudeultrarunner.blogspot.com)—both bring a likeable voice and sharp eye to their posts, while the prolific Devon Crosby Helms (devoncrosbyhelms.com) spices up engaging race reports with details on diet and nutrition influenced by her background as a chef. Blogs by Annette Bednosky (www.annettebednosky.blogspot.com) and Krissy Moehl (web.me.com/krissymoehl) may make you wish you could run with them, too.

Team Spirit

Team blogs feature elite runners as guest authors who spread the word about upcoming events and industry news. La Sportiva Mountain Running Blog (mountainrun.wordpress.com), Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team (www.wasatchspeedgoat.com) and Team Montrail (ultracup.blogspot.com) are all worth a visit.

If teams were judged by their blogs, however, the Rogue Valley Runners (roguevalleyrunners.blogspot.com) might get the gold. Forget about the Ashland Shakespeare Festival; a constellation of ultra stars who blog here make trail running seem like the most dramatic thing happening around Southern Oregon (but the blog's friendly vibe suggests they don't take themselves too seriously).

Blogs Less Traveled

Several lesser-known but not necessarily less talented trail runners have developed highly readable and reliable blogs—guys like Jean Pommier (fartherfaster.blogspot.com), Adam Blum (coursetrained.blogspot.com) and New Zealand's Paul Charteris (trailrunz.blogspot.com). While many personal blogs suffer from bad poetry and Too Much Information, the diary-like postings of Tim Long (www.footfeathers.com) and the Oprah-inspired Julie Berg (julieberg.blogspot.com) may hook you.

Finally, let us now praise not-so-famous blogs for their comic relief. Want to read a Seussical spoof, "Green Skin and Puke," on why a particular runner deserves a spot in the Barkley 100-miler? Then search the archives of Alan Geraldi (endurazone.blogspot.com). Want to learn how an ER doc copes with delirium while shoehorning ultras in between graveyard shifts and parenting? Then subscribe to the always-entertaining Mark Tanaka (ultrailnaka.blogspot.com). And if you want a deadpan wit enhanced by offbeat graphics, follow Ken Childress (trailzombie.blogspot.com). He's a TATUR (Tulsa Area Trail & Ultra Runner) who finds lots to laugh at on the trail—and in the mirror.

Sarah Lavender Smith (www.sarahlavendersmith.com/blog) is a Bay Area trail runner and writer.


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