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Photo Gallery: Everyman’s Exposed, the Best Trail-Running Photos From Our Readers

The winners of our reader photo contest.

Administrator September 14th, 2017

  • An endless view at Italy's Dolomite Extreme Trail in 2015. Photo by Vince Rowe. From the January 2017 issue.
  • Scaling the mountains of Huasca de Ocampo, Mexico. Photo by Diego Winitzky. From the January 2017 issue.
  • Moss-draped trees along the 2016 Q50 Races Cinco de Mayo course, Fontainbleu State Park, Mandeville, Louisiana. Runner: Susan Opelka. Photo by Tomas Orihuela. From the March 2017 issue.
  • Precarious footing through a tarn near Wanaka, New Zealand. Runner: Julian Matthews. Photo by Dom Channon. From the March 2017 issue.
  • Sunset from the summit ridge of Chaiserstock (2,515 meters), Lidernen region, Switzerland. Photo by Josh Sharpe. From the April 2017 issue.
  • A late-season run on Scotland's Isle of Skye. Runner: Jamie Ramsay. Photo by James Carnegie. From the April 2017 issue.
  • Sun filters through the canopy on the Bristol Hills Branch Trail in New York's Finger Lakes region. Photo by Ron Heerkens, Jr. From the June 2017 issue.
  • Chocked with jagged peaks, high-alpine lakes and technical singletrack, Revelstoke, British Columbia is a trail-runner's dream. Photo by Nathan Karsgaard. From the June 2017 issue.
  • Jordan Maki-Richards cruising lush singletrack on the Kiama Coast Trail, New South Wales, Australia. Photo by Justin Richards. From the July 2017 issue.
  • Summertime! Taylor Mae strides out on the rolling, green foothills outside Boulder, Colorado. Photo by Joshua Addison. From the September 2017 issue.
  • Sunset skies and speedy singletrack. Teddy Nolan cruises through the Indian Peaks Wilderness, outside of Nederland, Colorado. Photo by Will McKay. From the October 2017 issue.
  • Daniel Schiff enjoys hazy skies and sunkissed ridgelines on Mount Boglia, above Lake Lugano in Southern Switzerland. Photo by Milo Zanecchia. From the December 2017 issue.
  • Liza Hammet forges ahead through an unexpected snowstorm on a long run on Kennesaw Mountain in Kennesaw, Georgia. Photo by Tony Hammet. From the December 2017 issue.


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