What Trail Running Looked Like 15 Years Ago

Photos from the 1999, 2000 and 2001 runnings of Nolan's 14


Anton Krupicka Is on Twitter (For Real This Time)

The well-known trail runner reluctantly joins Twitter, haunted by the unauthorized @ANtOns_GhOSt


A Trail-Running Treasure Hunt

An introduction to the sport of rogaining, cross-country running's take on the scavenger hunt


The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

These spiritual athletes redefine the term “ultrarunner”


School of Hard Rocks

The Redden children ran ultras at ages 7 and 8. A concerned public criticized their parents, but is trail running the antidote to challenges facing children in our modern world?


The Rise of Skimo

Why more trail runners are taking to ski mountaineering during their off season

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