Channeling the Pacific Northwest

There is no art to running in the rain


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Porta-Potty Predicaments

The suffering starts before the start

Occasionally I write a column with a little humor ...

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Trails Through Time

What do you do to make yourself happy?

Runners, by nature, have a propensity to seek happiness in the measurement of things. ...

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The Spectator Trails

Watching is better than you think

One of the biggest downfalls of trail running is that it's not a spectator-friendly sport. You never see tailgating parties, ...

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Picture This!

Shooting on the run has advantages

Obsessions have a curious way of taking over. Take electricity: One day Ben Franklin flies a kite in an electrical storm and ...

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Road Trip

Traveling to trail race, or trail racing to travel

I woke up this morning and realized I may be having too much fun. ...

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