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Trail Runner magazine is seeking a qualified, full-time Assistant Editor in Carbondale, Colorado

Mike Benge May 20th, 2019

We Are Hiring! Carbondale, Colorado, home to Big Stone Publishing/Trail Runner, sits beneath Mount Sopris (12,953 feet) and at the confluence of the Crystal and Roaring Fork rivers. 

We are seeking a qualified Assistant Editor with strong journalism and writing skills and a broad knowledge of (and passion for) trail running. Applicants should also possess a thorough understanding of the outdoor community and marketplace. The position requires location in the town of Carbondale, located on Colorado’s Western Slope.

Job responsibilities include assisting the editor in editorial and marketing planning; writing and editing both print and online articles; soliciting photography; organizing and writing shoe, gear and apparel reviews; executing weekly e-newsletters; attending summer and winter Outdoor Retailer tradeshows; and developing and executing social-media strategies.

Please send a letter of interest, resume and writing samples to


• 2-4 years related experience, as per below

• Strong knowledge of and passion for trail running, including races/racing, gear trends, key players, current events/issues, popular destinations, and training, injury and nutrition principles

• Excellent writing and editing skills, including writing strong headlines

• Ability to work under short deadlines, for both writing and photo sourcing

• Experience successfully integrating website with social-media platforms

• Knowledge of current online trends and the types of content that generate high traffic

• Ability to recruit and develop positive working relationships with writers, photographers, brands and athletes.

• WordPress content-management experience

• Basic HTML knowledge

• Experience with SEO and using Google Analytics to track and optimize web traffic

• Strong communication skills



• Developing print and online editorial content with direction of editorial staff

• Managing and writing Spring and Fall Shoe Reviews, and other categorical reviews throughout the year

• Writing and posting daily website content, including sourcing photography

• Covering trail-running news in a timely manner, via writing and assigning out stories to trusted freelancers

• Managing social media, including posting regular web content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social-media outlets

• Growing social-media presence to support web and print properties

• Acquiring, editing and writing content for the weekly Inside Dirt and Trail Tips e-newsletters

• Uploading archive print content to website

• Representing Trail Runner at various events, including Outdoor Retailer

• Expanding brand awareness through digital platforms by engaging with new readers in creative ways.


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