Trail Running Is ... a Sport?

Jim Walmsley rises through the ranks of off-road running


Legal Blindness Didn’t Stop Jason Romero From Running 3,000 Miles Across the U.S.

The 46-year-old became the seventh-fastest, and first legally blind, person to run across the country


Edda Stickle, 74, Does Double Duty at Dipsea as Runner and RD

At the 106th running of the Dipsea, race director Edda Stickle hopes to earn her 30th finish


Running With a Ranger

Charles Humphrey III, husband, father and Grammy-winning musician, is the most passionate trail runner you’ll ever meet


The Fastest Trail Runner You’ve Never Heard Of

New Hampshire's Tristan Williams isn't on Strava, runs with an analog watch and puts up some crazy-good times


Camille Herron, Road-Ultra Champ, on Running Her First Trail Race

Your first trail ultra will always be challenging, even if you're a two-time World Champion on the roads

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