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Renaissance Man

Chris Lundstrom is speedy—on and off the road. The 2:17 marathoner and former Stanford runner talks about whether top-level road talent can translate to trail success.

Photo by Andy Holak

Most runners who can qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials or break 15 minutes in a 5K would focus their energy on the roads or the track. Chris Lundstrom does, but, these days, only in between bouts of serious trail racing.

At 6 o’clock one morning in May, a dozen or so runners gather at the trailhead of Hyland ski area in Bloomington, Minnesota. Every week they meet to run a 7.5-mile loop that crests the small ski hill then loops through the bordering regional park before turning back. It usually takes them 55 minutes to an hour.

But this particular morning, just as the runners are about to set off, one last car pulls into the parking lot. Chris Lundstrom jumps out, his dog in tow. With Lundstrom at the front, the normally relaxed tempo ticks up, and the runners struggle to match his pace. But it’s useless—despite a bathroom break halfway through, Lundstrom dusts the group down the ski hill to the finish. His dog comes in second, around 50 minutes.

Yes, Lundstrom is fast.


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