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Recovery Tips from the Elites - Page 3

What do you do to help your body recover between races? Ice, massage, otherwise?

Karl: I don't do many ice baths, compression or foam rolling. I let my body settle down on its own. I usually take a few days off and don't run at all. I do go for walks to keep moving. I think it's important to be proactive and to keep the muscles moving. I do simple massage on myself when necessary, and only start running again when I feel ready. It can sometimes be two days after a 100, or sometimes six—it really depends on how I feel. I make sure I stay nicely hydrated as well. I am very much a "feel" runner, so my training is usually not too structured after races. Once I feel recovered, I put a plan together and stick to it, in most cases.

Meghan: I'm a weekly massage junkie, and get physical therapy once per month. It's important to keep the car tuned up.

Jeff: I have foam rollers of different types all over my house. I use compression after long runs and races and during the colder months in training. I incorporate some yoga-style stretches and active stretching techniques a couple of times a week—unless I’m on a big design deadline, and then extra bodywork and maintenance is the first thing to get ditched. I get professional bodywork occasionally, mainly in the form of ART (Active Release Technique) for unexpected issues. I take a few two-to-three-day blocks off running scattered here and there after races or if an overuse thing pops up. Plus, I don’t run at all for 10 days after 100-milers. When in doubt, I get on the bike until I feel better.

Michele: I start with a high-protein meal, sometimes eating it while in an ice bath, then onto recovery boots (while wearing compression socks). Later in the week I see my massage therapist (when I can afford her), and typically take at least three days totally off with some light walking and stretching and foam rolling.

Mike: I love the 110% Compression gear (I am digging the Juggler Knickers but also like the full tights and socks) as I can slide ice in and get the benefit of both ice and compression, which is just one less step. I also use "The Stick" a lot to keep my body supple and limber and to get deep into the muscles. I was getting weekly massage, too, when I was doing more mileage.


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