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Have you always been fast?

Until the end of my junior year of high school, I walked a good portion of my cross-country races.
I tried to run as hard as I could, but I just wasn’t in good enough shape. I would walk the uphills of the course or when I started feeling any of the lactic-acid feelings in my legs.

What was the turning point?

During my junior year of school, my mom wanted to quit smoking and change her life, so we started going to the gym together. We would have fun running on the treadmill, racing ... she would always beat me. That competitive spirit got us going, and I saw myself making progress. The first time I finished a cross-country course without walking is a high point of my life. I knew I could do this and started setting goals.

What was your experience like at the Olympic Marathon Trials?

I qualified the first weekend of December 2011 [California International Marathon; 2:44:14], and the trials were the second weekend of January. I basically treated it like a victory lap, because I didn’t know if I could come back and run well that soon. I just said, “I’m going to do what I can and enjoy the whole experience and soak it all in.”

What has surprised you about the trail-running atmosphere compared to roads?

The support from everyone. Nobody’s out there just for themselves. People would literally give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. The aid stations were phenomenal—people laughing, giving you tips and asking what you need. I’ve never experienced anything like that in a road race.

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