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Entrepreneurial Endeavors - Page 4

TWO: Goals > Sleep

The day before his college senior thesis was due, Burnstein was typing up its final pages on a car trip from Austin, Texas, to St. Louis, Missouri. He and Spandorfer had spent the
past three days working a booth at the running event tradeshow to launch Janji. Another friend offered to help them build a wooden booth before the event, but it took much longer than planned, depriving everyone of sleep and, in Burnstein’s case, the ability to attend his final exams. But, says Burnstein, “it was definitely the most rewarding time of my life.” They returned from the running event with orders from about 80 stores nationwide.

THREE: Don’t Go It Alone

In every case, the entrepreneurs we interviewed had a co-founder with whom they shared the business venture. Hughes, who launched run pretty Far with her partner, Greg Manciagli, says, “The value of a teammate cannot be understated. it’s an around-the-clock, all-consuming adventure and going at it alone is rough.”

Simpson began bearded brothers with
his friend and brother-in-law, Chris Herbert, who had previously co-owned a health-food store. They gathered inspiration from other folks who’d quit their day jobs to pursue their dreams, such as Matt Frazier of the popular blog, no meat athlete, and Bryon Powell, who left his career as a lawyer to cover ultrarunning on his blog, iRunFar.


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