Before and After an Ultra, in Photos

Before/after finisher portraits from the Ultra-Trail Harricana 125K


Lance Armstrong Wins Trail Race, Sparking Controversy

The disgraced cyclist's entry into trail racing provokes backlash and renewed debate over performance-enhancing drugs in the sport


Alex Varner Talks Dipsea, TNF 50 and When It's Time to Drop

Alex Varner almost pulled off a Quad Dipsea-TNF 50 double ... but we're kind of glad he didn't. We asked him about his abortive doubleheader, his history at the Dipsea race and more.


New Hardrock 100 Movie Releases Trailer

"Kissing the Rock" explores the culture of this epic mountain race


4 Things Strava Data Tells Us About Elite TNF 50 Performances

In-race data about top runners at the highly competitive race reveals both inhuman speed and very human racing tactics

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