VIDEO: Wally Hesseltine, Age 72, Takes on Western States

A short film about one man's quest to become the race's oldest finisher


Weather Turns Tough Race Sketchy, Forcing Organizers to Adapt

At last weekend's Rut 50K, storms made an already challenging race unacceptably risky, leading to course alterations


Past Halfway, Meltzer Is Close to Record Pace on Appalachian Trail

The third time could be the charm for the seasoned ultrarunner


Joe Grant Completes Self-Powered 31-Day "Tour" of Colorado's 14ers

The ultrarunner biked between trailheads, hit all the state's 14,000-foot peaks and gained around 100,000 feet in just over 31 days


Experiencing The Rut 50K, in Two Videos

What the epic Montana race is all about

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