Trail Running Is ... a Sport?

Jim Walmsley rises through the ranks of off-road running


The Western States 100, in 6 Videos

Get stoked for this weekend's race with these short films


Gunhild Swanson, Oldest Woman Finisher, Returns to Western States

After a last-second finish in 2015, Swanson is gearing up for this year's edition of the Western States 100


VIDEO: What It's Like to Run Down Alaska's Mt. Marathon, at 4x Speed

A sped-up version of the famous, vertiginous descent


VIDEO: Trail Running in Iceland, as Seen Through the Downhills

Running, sliding and falling down the country's many rugged descents


Legal Blindness Didn’t Stop Jason Romero From Running 3,000 Miles Across the U.S.

The 46-year-old became the seventh-fastest, and first legally blind, person to run across the country

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