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Statement on Coronavirus from the Editors of Trail Runner

Trail Runner March 27th, 2020

Statement on Coronavirus from the Editors of Trail Runner

Here at Trail Runner, we’re committed to bringing you the best coverage of off-road running from around the world. In solidarity with our local and global communities, we’ll continue to cover the best of trail-running adventures from around the world, as runners rise to the challenge of unprecedented change presented by coronavirus.

We’re encouraging runners to stay local, avoid unnecessary risks and comply with CDC social distancing guidelines as well as those implemented by local governments. Our coverage will reflect our commitment to community and environmental health.

We’ll shift coverage to focus on the everyday impacts of the coronavirus on trail runners and their communities, and how trail runners are responding to new challenges. We’ll continue to highlight stories from our print archive that showcase the strength and resilience of the human will, and demonstrate what we’re capable of overcoming.

As a small, independently-owned business based out of Carbondale, CO, our heart is with communities everywhere as they join together in response to this global pandemic. We’re here for you because we’re in this together.

The Trail Runner Family

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