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Video: Sandes and Griesel Answer TR’s Questions from Their FKT Attempt

Nine days into their 28-day Great Himalayan Trail attempt, Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel talk toilets, dal bhat and human connection.

Jacky Thompson March 14th, 2018

Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel took some much needed time to rest at Checkpoint #7, Kagbeni village in Nepal, roughly 429 miles into their 1400-kilometer FKT attempt of the Great Himalayan Trail.

Through a helpful and savvy chain of hands, Trail Runner was able to communicate with the team; the first four questions answered in this video are from Trail Runner.


The two plan to traverse the route combining the High Great Himalayan Trail and Cultural Great Himalayan Trail (stretching from the west to the east end of the country) to challenge the current FKT (Fastest Known Time) of 28 days 13 hours 56 minutes, set by Andrew Porter in October 2016. They will self navigate in an attempt to find the best possible route to link up the 12 required checkpoints as set by Andrew.

The team is not using porters or mules, and will carry their loads themselves. They plan to stay in lodges and other local accommodations, buy food locally as they travel and use a local trekking company to meet them along the way for a gear exchange in order to keep their weight down.

The attempt will only get more exciting from here, as the team forges forward through adverse conditions. To stay updated, follow them live here.

Read their pre-attempt interview with Trail Runner here.


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Seth Wolpin

There are a lot of issues and inaccuracies (going way beyond how many people have done ‘the GHT’ versus ‘walking on the moon’) presented here. Please read our open letter below:

and I encourage readers to check out Lizzy Hawker’s open letter as well for anyone with an interest in doing some part of the GHT :


Isn’t it funny that all this FKT/’record setting’ business on the Himalayan trails is being done by a bunch of white folks from the west? Rarely do we see one of our local guys indulging in such social media fueled chest beating contests. Guys & gals, please don’t make these trails another venue of bragging rights and tom-tom’ed achievements. Enjoy them for what they are and what they always have been. And someone point out to Lizzy, that you don’t end a letter with Namaste any more than you would end it with a Hello. 😉 PS: I grew up… Read more »


Looks like they had a tough time. I hope they make it through well.
At the same time, question wise I would have really liked to hear more about their route choice, as raised in the open letter by Lizzy Hawker?



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