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10 Inspiring Ultra Finishes - Page 5

6. Crushed by the Course

Adam Hewey, Hardrock 2013

Hewey and his pacer on the home stretch of Colorado's Hardrock 100 Endurance Run in 2013. Photo by Shelby Berg.

To see why Hardrock has so many spots on this list, one needs only to see what it did to Adam Hewey.

Hewey’s rise to ultrarunning prominence came at the finish of last year’s Hardrock race, where photos of him shuffling the last yards toward the finish hunched over, unable to straighten his back, quickly spread around the web. Hewey, running overnight, had run smack into a felled tree blocking the trail, which had in turn weakened his psoas muscles and gradually left them unable to stabilize his core and back.

“We started climbing and my body pitched forward like a puppet without a hand,” Hewey recounted on his blog. “I was having problems breathing because of my posture. We would stop, I would catch my breath, and we would continue to climb. Gradually over the next few hours, it was a rinse, wash, repeat cycle as my psoas muscles weakened and my body bent more and more.”

He would lurch the last 20 miles in a stance that earned him the nickname “the Hunchback of Hardrock,” meanwhile managing to finish 10th in under 30 hours (29:55:57).


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