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10 Inspiring Ultra Finishes - Page 6

5. Overcoming Physical Limits

Ann Trason, Western States and Comrades, 1996

Photo courtesy of PatitucciPhoto

If you thought Hewey was dealt a tough hand physically, consider Ann Trason. In 1996, she won Western States—placing third overall, remarkable but for her second-place overall finish the year before—in under 19 hours, and followed it up by winning the 56-mile Comrades Marathon in South Africa less than two weeks later.

She did this with what doctors would later discover was a ruptured hamstring.

To win two major races totaling over 150 miles with an ailment that would instantly sideline most athletes puts her in her own category of toughness. Can we coin the term “Trasonhood” for those feats that defy reasonable and medically sound standards of pain?

Honorable mention:

  • Brian Morrison, Western States 2006


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