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USMRT Sweeps NACAC Individual Titles - Page 2


In the women’s race, Evergreen, Colorado’s Brandy Erholtz finished first in 1:16:20. Erholtz, who finished third at the Women's U.S. Mountain Running Team Qualifer at the Loon Mountain Race earlier this month, also led the women’s USMRT – defending champions at NACAC – to their eighth team title at the event and a sweep of the top three places. Amber Moran, of Arden, North Carolina, finished second in 1:18:53 and Maria Dalzot, of Morgantown, West Virginia, finished third in 1:19:08. The fourth finishing member of the U.S. team was Michele Suszek, of Littleton, Colorado, who finished fifth in 1:22:00.

The Canadian men’s team, led by Gosselin, finished all of their scoring runners before the second U.S. runner – Ryan Woods, of Boone, North Carolina, who finished seventh overall.

Complete results can be found here.


Vermont 100

Westfield, Massachusetts’ Brian Rusiecki narrowly missed a course record at the Vermont 100 Mile in West Windsor, Vermont, Saturday. His 14:54:05 was less than a minute off Lee R. Schmitt’s record of 14:53:09, set in 2004. He was nearly an hour ahead of runner-up Rod Bien, of Bend, Oregon, who finished in 15:52:40. Mike Le Roux, of Cairns, Queensland, was third in 16:11:10.

In the women’s race, Knoxville, Tennessee’s Kathleen Cusick won in 18:51:38, just two minutes ahead of runner-up Amy Lane, of Westfield, Massachusetts, who clocked an 18:53:38. Debbie Livingston, of Bolton, Connecticut, finished third in 19:20:27.

Complete results can be found here.


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