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Dispatch from UTMB

So far, we have results from the OCC, TDS and PTL, with some impressive performances despite hot, punishing conditions. Here are the podiums.

Michael Benge August 30th, 2019

Dispatch from UTMB The brutal 145K TDS race was lengthened this year, and saw 695 DNFs and 1,090 finishers on a hot, sunny day in the Mont Blanc Massif.

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With the CCC underway now for three-and-a-half hours at this writing, we have a few moments to quickly update you on the other races that have finished. Well, the 145K TDS and 56K OCC races wrapped up yesterday, while, aside from the first- and second-place teams, the crazies of the PTL—the two- or three-person 300K event with 80,000 feet of ascending—are going to wild places, in the mountains and in their minds!


An emotional Audrey Tanguy of France takes the TDS win, after a head-to-head battle with U.S. runner Hillary Allen. All photos courtesy of UTMB


  • 145 kilometers
  • 9,100 meters of climbing
  • 1,090 finishers / 695 DNFs
  • 42:00 time cutoff


  1. Audrey Tanguy / France / 21:36
  2. Hillary Allen / USA / 21:52
  3. Kathrin Gotz / Switzerland / 23:46


  1. Pablo Villa Gonzalez / Spain / 18:03
  2. Dmitry Mityaeva / Russia / 18:16
  3. Ludovic Pommeret / France / 18:37

Stian Angermund-Vik celebrates in the chute.


  • 56 kilometers
  • 3,500 meters of climbing
  • 1,474 finishers / 131 DNFs
  • 14:30 time cutoff


  1. Ruth Charlotte Croft / New Zealand / 5:50
  2. Azara Garcia de los Salmones / Spain / 6:08
  3. Yuri Yoshizumi / Japan / 6:16



  1. Stian Angermund-Vik / Norway / 5:19
  2. Andreu Simon Aymerich / 5:20
  3. Tao Luo / China / 5:25
Brotherly love—and suffering: Lionel and Damien Trivel.


  • 300 kilometers
  • 25,000 meters of climbing over 30 passes in 3 countries
  • 117 teams of 2 or 3 runners
  • 2 finishers, 20 DNF — as of 1:25 pm., August 30
  • Course changes every year
  • 151:30 time cutoff


  • Lionel Trivel, Damien Tivel / France / 83:19
  • Candide Gabioud, Jules-Henri Gabioud / Switzerland / 85:12

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