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Training Tips from the Leadville Podium - Page 6

What’s your favorite Leadville memory?

Dylan: Cresting the final hill on 6th Street and seeing the finish line in the distance. Your crew will see you coming and their cheers will carry you the last half mile to the finish line. There is no feeling quite like it! Also, on Sunday morning, watching the final finishers is truly a special. There is so much emotion and such a supportive energy in the air as everyone rehashes their experiences. It's impossible to explain but it's something that I'll always remember and cherish. I get the chills just thinking about it.

Ashley A: Oh, man. …. The feeling of knowing I was going to finish 100 miles, that my family and friends were there, that I'd spend the day running and that I'd pushed myself to places I didn't know existed. I'm really excited to push those boundaries farther this year.

Neal: Experiencing the race and Leadville culture with family. The intensity at the start; the sunrise climbing the front side of Sugar Loaf; summiting Hope Pass outbound; the awards ceremony.

Liza: There was a huge crowd of people at the outward-bound Fish Hatchery aid station. My name had gotten passed around and it seemed like everyone was cheering it as I ran in. I felt like a famous basketball player. (I realize basketball players don't run into outdoor aid stations, but at the time that people were yelling, I distinctly remember thinking, 'Wow, I'm like some famous basketball player.' So, chalk the analogy up to the long miles.)

Duncan: Without question, my favorite memory is crossing the finish line in 2010 victorious! My brother had come to Leadville (from New York) to help crew me and ran the last half mile with me. I was so psyched to share that moment with him because he was the guy who introduced me to endurance sports!

Nick: Seeing my kids at Twin Lakes coming home, and then running through Twin Lakes. The atmosphere was electric.

Tina: Apart from crossing the finish line in 2012, experiencing it with my crew and pacers, and the crazy sh*t I said to my pacers. It's still something we laugh about today!

Zeke: Hailing from Aspen, just over the hill from Twin Lakes, I have always been greeted by a giant posse of friends and family at Twin Lakes. It is a huge emotional boost and turning point in the race for me. My sister snapped a photo of me and my wife Molly from behind. Every time I look at those photos I am transported back to those moments and filled with gratitude for the people who love and support me.

Ryan: The race has such an awesome vibe and the local people are so supportive. Seeing the finish line after running 100 miles was really nice.


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