How to Crush a 100-Mile Debut

Chris Mocko placed 7th at Western States, U.S. ultrarunning’s biggest stage. Here are 3 lessons from his training.


19 Things to Read About the Western States 100

The Western States 100 is today. Here, we compile recent coverage and great reads from the archive

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How to Make the Most of Your First Trail Relay


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Relays are another way to have fun on the trails. Here's what you need to know about race prep and logistics

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Who to Watch at the 2016 Western States 100

The Western States Endurance Run was the first trail 100-miler. Here is why 2016 could be its most exciting running yet


9 Must-Do Marathons for Trail Runners

Despite the rise of ultras, there have never been more great trail marathons to choose from

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