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Top Photos from UTMB week

With six races throughout the week, UTMB hosted 10,000 runners for an emotional journey around Mont Blanc

Mike Benge September 1st, 2019

  • 2,500 runners from around the world charge out the gate for the start of UTMB, the week's main event that circumnavigates Mont Blanc, through France, Italy and Switzerland.
  • More cowbell! OCC racers interact with the local fauna.
  • Audrey Tanguy of France realizes she just won the 145K TDS, thought by many to be the toughest race of the week.
  • The UTMB is always scenic, seldom flat.
  • Sometimes a beer might just be what you need to rally back from a low point.
  • In her 100-mile debut, American Katie Schide made it look easy, gliding to an incredible 6th-place finish in the UTMB.
  • In one of the week's most moving performances, the American Courtney Dauwalter dominated the women's UTMB field.
  • Did that just happen?
  • The glacier-capped Mont Blanc provided a surreal backdrop above Chamonix.
  • Crazies. At 300 kilometers with over 80,000, the PTL is nearly twice as long as UTMB, and requires a team of two or three runners. Here the brothers Lionel and Damien Trivel of France come through the finish arch first, in 83 hours 19 minutes.
  • In the highly competitive 101K CCC, Shen Jiasheng of China set an aggressive early pace, dropped to 11th, then battled back to a 5th-place finish.
  • Appreciating your crew is key!
  • Are we having fun yet? Patricia Ann Morota of the Philippines is loving the CCC singletrack.
  • The party atmosphere kicked off the Mini UTMB in Chamonix, one of five towns around the Mont Blanc Massif that offered the opportunity for the next gen to compete.
  • And they're off!
  • The American Zach Miller went out hot—as per usual—but threw in the towel at about the 125K mark in the 171K UTMB.
  • UTMB champ Pau Capell of Spain comforts the local favorite and runner-up Xavier Thevenard, who was shooting for a record 4th UTMB win. Capell, however, was a machine and dominated from the first checkpoint to the finish.
  • Thevenard, Capell and third-place finisher Scott Hawker savor their moment of glory.
  • You just have to ride out the low points.
  • Right?
  • Coming back from her catastrophic fall at Norways Tromso Skyrace two years ago, the American Hillary Allen is ecstatic over her 2nd-place finish in the TDS.
  • The legs of UTMB.
  • The veteran Luis Alberto Hernando of Spain took the CCC victory in a commanding performance.
  • Tears were shed. Daniela Corvalan of Chile processes her OCC finish.
  • One of the hopes for a first U.S. men's win at UTMB, Tim Tollefson battled stomach issues, and dropped from the race.
  • Kicking of the week was the MCC, a 40K race for locals and UTMB volunteers and workers.
  • The American Amanda Basham fought for an inspiring 2nd-place finish in the CCC.
  • Kaci Kickteig of the U.S. was off to a great start in the UTMB, but took a scary, race-ending tumble at about the 25-mile mark.
  • American friends Yassine Diboun and Joe Mcconaughy had a blast running the CCC event together.

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From August 26 through September 1, a hoard of runners descended upon Chamonix, France, participating in one of Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc’s handful of challenging mountain races. With a long tradition of mountain sports, the intoxicatingly stunning town lies beneath the towering hulk of glacier-capped Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps and flanked by a procession of soaring granite spires.

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