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Trophy Series 2015 Results

Administrator November 11th, 2015

Trophy Series 2015 Results

After a full season, consisting of 194 races across the United States and Canada, we’re happy to announce the preliminary Trail Runner Trophy Series winners of our Non-Ultra Age Group, Marathon & Over, Mile Mogul, and Trail Fiend categories below. Full results can be found HERE.

If while reviewing either our list of winners below or your own results using the link above, you believe an error was made in the tabulation of points, please let us know right away by emailing

Thanks again for participating in this year’s series! Runners like you make the Trophy Series what it is. We look forward to seeing you out again in 2016!

Non-ultra, Age-Group Category Winners


F 10-19 – Ashlyn Wert, McElhattan PA, 16, 3 races, 45.8 miles, 154.6 points

F 20-29 – Jessica Zozos, Mill Hall PA, 24, 5 races, 81.6 miles, 159 miles

F 30-39 – Sayard Tanis, Dauphin PA, 33, 8 races, 100.1 miles, 400.4 points

F 40-49 – Meira Minard, State College PA, 41, 4 races, 52.6 miles, 194.9 points

F 50-59 – Sharon Foley, Williamsport PA, 51, 4 races, 59.3 miles, 237.2 points

F 60+ – Jane Kone, Howard PA, 61, 8 races, 89.7 miles, 253.9 points


M 10-19 – Bryce Gavitt, Hughesville PA, 18, 4 races, 73.3 miles, 166 points

M 20-29 – Matt Lipsey, Kersey PA, 25, 6 races, 79.2 miles, 284.1 points

M 30-39 – Adam Russell, Rome PA, 36, 10 races, 165.8 miles, 377.9 points

M 40-49 – Jeff Smucker, Woodward PA, 49, 7 races, 92.3 miles, 305.9 points

M 50-59 – Dennis Yonkin, Lewisburg PA, 51, 6 races, 107.9 miles, 287.6 points

M 60+ –Michael Ranck, Deer Lake, PA, 64, 8 races, 118.6 miles, 400 points

Marathon & Over Category Winners


Stephen Bridson, Stayner ON, 53, 5 races, 277.94 miles, 661.1 points

Jeremy Morris, Kearney NE, 36, 5 races, 251.75 miles, 657 points

Patrick Stewart, Highlands Ranch CO, 30, 3 races, 200 miles, 650 points


Mary Flaws, Waukesha WI, 48, 3 races, 250 miles, 750 points

Bethany Lewis, Salt Lake City UT, 37, 2 races, 170 miles, 680 points

Shaylene Caffey, Kansas City MO, 30, 4 races, 188.82 miles, 527.64 points

Trail Fiend (Most Races)

Dave Hale, Columbia SC, M 53, 18 races

Mile Mogul (Most Miles)

Moraima Bailey, Indianapolis IN, F 45, 337.2 miles


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