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Q&A with Spring 2013 Trophy Series Leaders - Page 3


Cameron (right) with older brother Brandon. Photo courtesy of Plate family

You're 11 years old! It's pretty amazing that you're running long distances on trails at your age. Do either of your parents trail run?
Yeah my dad does, and my brother does too. But my dad can't keep up with my brother and me. I like running in the woods better than the road or the track.

You ran two races in the same weekend at the Post Oak Lodge Challenge, is that right? Was your body tired on the second day?
Yes, both this year and last year, I ran both the 25K and the half marathon. It was hard because it was hilly, and hot the second day, and I also fell into a mud puddle. But I wasn't really that tired the second day.

What are your running goals?
Join my brother as a Marathon Maniac on April 20 at the Free State Trail Marathon in Kansas. I want to break the record for most trail marathons and ultras ever run, and also make the Olympics and run the Boston Marathon when I turn 18.



Photo courtesy of Angela Minnefield

How long have you been trail running?
I have been trail running for about 20 years. After many years of countless numbers of road 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons and marathons … trails are much easier on my joints.

You've packed in quite a few races so far this year already! Which has been your favorite?
Laurel Run Ascent, Church Hill, Tennessee. Very scenic trails that included ridges, gorges, creeks crossing, wildlife and beautiful views of waterfalls. The outstanding volunteers were so encouraging, and the course was very well marked. One of the post-race food items was delicious barbecue sandwiches. Most importantly were the new friendships I acquired—Tennessee hospitality at its best!

Do you have plans to run other Trophy Series races this year?
My 2013 running schedule is packed with many of the Trail Runner Trophy Series runs. One of my running goals this year is complete the Heritage Trail Marathon.

Anything else you'd like to share about yourself?
My passion is running, and God has truly blessed me with the ability to run. I look forward to establishing new friendship as continue my weekend road trips around scenic trail races across the U.S.


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