Coloradoans Emerge on Trophy Series Leaderboard

TR staff June 3rd, 2014

Leaderboard shake-up two months into the 2014 Trail Runner Trophy Series

The setting of Colorado’s Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 25M/50M, held on May 3 this year. Photo courtesy of Burke Kaiser

At last month’s Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 25M/50M in Buena Vista, Colorado, a new crop of top age-group finishers joined the 2014 Trail Runner Trophy Series leaderboard. Since points in the non-ultra division are awarded in accordance not only with age-group placing but also with number of miles raced, the Collegiate Peaks 25-miler is perfect for those looking to get on the non-ultra leaderboard; it offers each age-group winner a whopping 100 points in the series.

Of those who won their age groups, four runners—Jean Herbert, 57, of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Bonni Hartman, 15, of Thornton, Colorado; Anita Ortiz, 49, of Eagle, Colorado; and Kevin Labus, 25, of Fort Collins, Colorado—soared straight to the top of the leaderboard (see below) with their newly claimed points.

For an in-depth profile of Ortiz that ran in our August 2011 issue, check out Blood Sport.

Ortiz takes a break from a muddy training run on the Third Gulch Trail, near Eagle, Colorado. Photo by David Clifford


2014 Trophy Series Leaderboard, as of May 2014
(May be missing some results that race directors have not yet submitted to us)

Male Non-Ultra

  • 10-19 Jacob Brown, Omaha, NE, 13, 2 races, 21.7 miles, 61 points
  • 20-29 Kevin Labus, Fort Collins, CO, 25, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
  • 30-39 Adam Russel, Rome, PA, 35, 3 races, 42.8 miles, 141.5 points
  • 40-49 Jeff Smucker, Woodward, PA, 48, 2 races, 29.7 miles, 105.7 points
  • 50+ Terry Rooney, Philadelphia, PA, 53, 2 races, 29.7 miles, 102.2 points


Female Non-Ultra

  • 10-19 Bonni Hartman, Thornton, CO, 15, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
  • 20-29 Megan Truelove, Scott Depot, WV, 23, 2 races, 28.6 miles, 114.4 points
  • 30-39 Hayley Weyhe, State College, PA, 38, 2 races, 26.2 miles, 104.8 points
  • 40-49 Anita Ortiz, Eagle, CO, 49, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points
  • 50+ Jean Herbert, Albuquerque, NM, 57, 1 race, 25 miles, 100 points


Male Ultra

1. (Tied) Chris Downie, Vancouver, BC, 43, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
1. (Tied) Gerardo Ramirez, Fort Worth, TX, 41, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
3. Jeremy Morris, Kearney, NE, 34, 2 races, 93 miles, 310 points


Female Ultra

1. (Tied) Jennifer Hughes, Issaquah, WA, 35, 1 race, 100 miles, 400 points
1. (Tied) Allison Moore, Seattle, WA, 44, 2 races, 150 miles, 400 points
3. Larisa Dannis, Stafford, NH, 26, 1 race, 50 miles, 200 points


Miles Mogul (Most Series Miles Run)

  • Male: 4 men tied at 150 miles
  • Female: 3 women tied at 181 miles


Trail Fiend (Most Series Races Run)

  • Male: 10 men tied at 3 races
  • Female: 10 women tied at 3 races


See here for complete standings, or check out the Trophy Series calendar to find a race near you.

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