Trail Runner Trophy Series Races

North America's Winter Trail Race Series - $30,000 in Prizes

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Date Race Name/Link Distances Location
March 3, 2018 Carl Touchstone Memorial Mississippi Trail 50 20K, 50K, 50M Laurel, Mississippi
March 3, 2018 Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
March 10, 2018 Bel Monte Endurance Run 25K, 50K, 50M Waynesboro, Virginia
March 10, 2018 Land Between The Lakes 23K, 26.2M, 60K, 50M Grand Rivers, Kentucky
March 10, 2018 Peyton's Wild and Wacky Ultra 5K, 50K Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
March 10, 2018 Catalina Island Marathon Weekend 5K, 10K, 26.2M Avalon, California
March 11, 2018 Fall Creek Falls 50K & Half Marathon 13.1M, 50K Spencer, Tennessee
March 17, 2018 Alsea Falls Spring Fling 13.1M, 10K, 5K Monroe, Oregon
March 17, 2018 St Paddy's Trail Run 5K Mount Perry, Ohio
March 24, 2018 Terrapin Mountain 50K & Half Marathon 13.1M, 50K Sedalia, Virginia
March 24, 2018 Stinson Beach Rabbit Chase 10K, 13.1M, 30K Stinson Beach, California
March 24, 2018 Haulin in the Holler 5K/25K/50K 5K, 25K, 50K Eleanor, West Virginia
March 31, 2018 Badger Mountain Challenge 15K, 50K, 50M, 100M Richland, Washington
March 31, 2018 VALENCIA Trail Race 10K, 13.1M, 50K Valencia, California
April 7, 2018 American River 50 50M Folsom, California
April 7, 2018 Dirty Kiln Trail Races 5.5M, 13.1M Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
April 8, 2018 Cape Cod Trail Race 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K East Falmouth, Massachusetts
April 8, 2018 Tussey to Whipple 11M Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
April 8, 2018 XTERRA CMSP 5K, 12K, 24K Colorado Springs, Colorado
April 14, 2018 Ahmanson Trails 12k & 6k 12K, 6K Los Angeles (West Hills), California
April 14, 2018 Laurel Run Ascent 11M Church Hill, Tennessee
April 21, 2018 Cedro Peak Ultra 13.1K, 26.2M, 50K Tijeras, New Mexico
April 21, 2018 Spitfire Ultra Trail Challenge 5K, 12K, 25K, 50K Menan, Idaho
April 21, 2018 Sweet H2O 50k Trail Run 50K Lithia Springs, Georgia
April 21, 2018 River Valley Run Trail Half Marathon 13.1M Manchester, Maryland
April 21, 2018 Tejon Ranch Trail Half and 10K 10K, 13.1M Tejon Ranch, California
April 21, 2018 Babcock Gristmill Grinder 13.1M Clifftop, West Virginia
April 22, 2018 Spokane River Run 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K Spokane, Washington
April 28, 2018 The North FaceƇ Endurance Challenge - Washington DC 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M Sterling, Virginia
April 28, 2018 Trail Marathon Weekend Day 1 13.1M Pinckney, Michigan
April 28, 2018 Rodeo Beach Rumble 8K, 13.1M, 30K, 50K Sausalito, California
April 28, 2018 Silver Moon Trail Race Hours, 12Hours, 24Hours Valencia, California
April 29, 2018 Ironmaster's Challenge 50K Gardners, Pennsylvania
April 29, 2018 Trail Marathon Weekend Day 2 5M, 26.2M, 50K Pinckney, Michigan
April 29, 2018 Mt. Si Relay & Ultra Runs 50K, 50M Snoqualmie, Washington
April 29, 2018 Leoni Meadows Trail Series - 13.1, 5k, and Kids Fun Run 13.1M, 5K, 1M Grizzly Flats, California
May 4, 2018 Peak Blood Ultra 100M, 50M, 30M Pittsfield , Vermont
May 5, 2018 Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K State College, Pennsylvania
May 5, 2018 The North Face Endurance Challenge Series - New York 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 50K, 50M, 26.2M Bear Mountain, New York
May 5, 2018 Collegiate Peaks Trail Run 25M, 50M Buena Vista, Colorado
May 6, 2018 The North Face Endurance Challenge Series - New York 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M, 50M New York, New York
May 6, 2018 Renegade Xterra and Trail Run Challenge 3M, 6M San Dimas, California
May 6, 2018 STRC Trail Fest at Grist Iron 0M Burdett, New York
May 12, 2018 Long Island Greenbelt 25K, 50K Plainview, New York
May 12, 2018 Ice Age Trail 50M, 50K, 13.1M La Grange, Wisconsin
May 12, 2018 McDonald Forest 50K 50K Corvallis, Oregon
May 19, 2018 Dances With Dirt Gnaw Bone 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M, 57M Nashville, Indiana
May 19, 2018 Jemez Mountain Trail Runs 15M, 50K, 50M Los Alamos, New Mexico
May 19, 2018 Tommyknocker 12 Hour and Mine Shaft Half 50K, 13.1M Golden, Colorado
May 19, 2018 Highland Loops Trail Run 7M, 16M Highland, Michigan
May 19, 2018 T2T Racing Kettletown SP Challenge 5K, 10K, 20K, 30K, 50K Southbury, Connecticut
May 20, 2018 Ohlone Wilderness 50K Trail Run 50K Fremont, California
May 26, 2018 Growing Green Challenge 6.55M, 13.1M Rush City, Minnesota
May 27, 2018 Growing Green Challenge - Day TWO 3Hours, 6Hours, 12Hours Rush City, Minnesota
May 27, 2018 May Trail Race / Ray's Race 50K, 20.6M, 10.3M Mount Perry, Ohio
May 30, 2018 Ozone Endurance Challenge 50K, 50K, 50K, 50K, 50K, 50K Rockwood, Tennessee
June 2, 2018 Kettle Moraine 100 Endurance Runs 38M, 50K, 100K, 100M La Grange, Wisconsin
June 2, 2018 Worlds End Ultramarathon 50K, 100K Forksville, Pennsylvania
June 3, 2018 Truckee Running Festival 5K, 10K, 13.1M Truckee , California
June 3, 2018 Deadwood Mickelson Trail Marathon and Half 13.1M, 26.2M Deadwood, South Dakota
June 9, 2018 OSS/CIA 50M Night Run 50M Triangle, Virginia
June 9, 2018 South Park Trail Runs 15M, 26.2M Fairplay, Colorado
June 9, 2018 The North Face Endurance Challenge Series - Massachusetts 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 50K, 50M, 26.2M Princeton, Massachusetts
June 9, 2018 There's A Black Fly In My Eye 10M Gorham, New Hampshire
June 10, 2018 Holcomb Valley Trail Runs 7M, 15M, 33M Big Bear Lake, California
June 10, 2018 Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6K Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
June 10, 2018 Valley Crest Half Marathon & 10K 13.2M, 10K Los Angeles (Tarzana), California
June 15, 2018 Gaspesia 100 5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 80K, 100K Perce, Quebec
June 16, 2018 Angel Fire Endurance Runs 25K, 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M Angel Fire, New Mexico
June 16, 2018 Mary's Peak Trail Run 25K, 50K, 50M Blodgett, Oregon
June 16, 2018 Echo Valley Trail Run 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K Chelan, Washington
June 17, 2018 Eager Seeger Half Marathon 13.1M Boalsburg, Pennsylvania
June 23, 2018 Catamount Ultra 25K, 50K Stowe, Vermont
June 23, 2018 Two Hearted Trail Run 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K Paradise, Michigan
June 23, 2018 Angel Island 5 Miler and Half Marathon 5M, 13.1M Tiburon, California
June 24, 2018 Burton Creek Trail Run 6K, 12K, 13.1M Tahoe City, California
June 24, 2018 Waterfall 5K / 10K Trail Runs 5K, 10K Lagro, Indiana
June 30, 2018 Devil's Slide Trail Run to benefit Parca 30K, 13.1M, 11K, 4K Pacifica, California
July 1, 2018 Slay the Dragon 13K, 25K, 50K Silver Star Mountain, British Columbia
July 7, 2018 Sinister 7 Ultra 100M Crowsnest Pass, Alberta
July 7, 2018 Waugoshance Trail Run 13.1M, 26.2M, 26.2M Cross Village, Michigan
July 14, 2018 Brian Waterbury Memorial Rock To Pier Run 6M, 13.1M Morro Bay, California
July 14, 2018 Dances With Dirt Devil's Lake 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M Baraboo, Wisconsin
July 14, 2018 Grey Rock Trail Runs 50K, 25K, 12K Yakima, Washington
July 17, 2018 Wolf Run 7M Kingsport, Tennessee
July 21, 2018 Grand Island Trail Run 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K Munising, Michigan
July 21, 2018 Lunatics Trail Series 50K, 26.2M, 13.1M, 13K Kewaskum, Wisconsin
July 28, 2018 Classic 10K Race 10K Colorado Springs, Colorado
July 28, 2018 Grand Mesa 30K, 50K, 50M, 100M Grand Mesa, Colorado
July 28, 2018 Oakland Redwoods Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M Oakland, California
July 28, 2018 Idaho Peak Ultra Trail Marathon & 10 KM Trail Run 45K New Denver, British Columbia
July 28, 2018 Living Journeys Half Marathon 13.1M Crested Butte, Colorado
August 4, 2018 Beast of Burden Summer 100 50M, 100M Lockport, New York
August 4, 2018 Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail Run 50K, 13.1M King George, Virginia
August 4, 2018 Taos Ski Valley Up & Over Trail Run 10K Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
August 4, 2018 The Legend 5M, 10M, 13.1M Laingsburg, Michigan
August 4, 2018 HURL Elkhorn Endurance Runs 15M, 52K, 53M Helena, Montana
August 4, 2018 Sierra Crest Trail Run 30K, 50K Truckee, California
August 4, 2018 Canadian Death Race 125K, 42.2K Grande Cache, Alberta
August 4, 2018 Tahqua Trail Run 10K, 25K Paradise, Michigan
August 4, 2018 VEGGIE RUNS at Treasured Haven Farm 5M, 5K, 1M Rush City, Minnesota
August 5, 2018 VEGGIE RUNS at Treasured Haven Farm 6.55M, 13.1M Rush City, Minnesota
August 11, 2018 Aspen Backcountry Marathon 13.1M, 26.2M Aspen, Colorado
August 11, 2018 Eastern States 100 100M Waterville, Pennsylvania
August 11, 2018 Haulin' Aspen 26.2M, 13.1M, 6.5M Bend, Oregon
August 11, 2018 Marlette 50K and 10 Miler 10M, 50K Incline Village, Nevada
August 11, 2018 Flying Pug Trail Run 5K, 10K, 20K Mount Perry, Ohio
August 12, 2018 SAR Wild Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M Shaver Lake, California
August 12, 2018 Steamboat Stinger 13.1M, 26.2M Steamboat Springs, Colorado
August 18, 2018 XTERRA Lake Tahoe Trail Run 5K, 10K Incline Village, Nevada
August 18, 2018 Iron Legs Mountain Races 100K, 50M, 60K Calgary, Alberta
August 18, 2018 River Valley Run Trail Festival 10K, 15K, 5K Manchester, Maryland
August 25, 2018 Black Spur Ultra 108K, 54K Kimberley, British Columbia
August 25, 2018 Conserve School Trail Run 5K, 13.1M Land O Lakes, Wisconsin
August 25, 2018 San Bruno Mountain Run 5K, 10K, 13.1M San Bruno, California
August 26, 2018 Northeast Delta Dental Race To The Top Of Vermont 4.3M Stowe, Vermont
September 1, 2018 SLO Ultra at Wild Cherry Canyon 5M, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50M Avila Beach, California
September 7, 2018 Run Woodstock - 3 Day Trail/Music Fest 5K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M, 100K, 100M Pinckney, Michigan
September 7, 2018 Lost Soul Ultra 100M, 100K, 50K Lethbridge, Alberta
September 7, 2018 Oakridge Triple Summit Challenge 36M Oakridge, Oregon
September 8, 2018 Haliburton Forest 50K, 50M, 100M Haliburton, Ontario
September 8, 2018 Hawk Hundred 26.2M, 50M, 100M Lawrence, Kansas
September 8, 2018 Run Woodstock Day 2 5M, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M Pinckney, Michigan
September 8, 2018 Wabash Trace Nature Trail Marathon 13.1M, 26.2M, 48Hours Shenandoah, Iowa
September 9, 2018 Rock Cut HOBO Trail Race 25K 25K Rockford, Illinois
September 9, 2018 Rock Cut HOBO Trail Race 50K 50K Rockford, Illinois
September 15, 2018 Barkley Fall Classic 50K Wartburg, Tennessee
September 15, 2018 Rock 'N The Knob: PA's Highest Trail Race 10K, 20M Claysburg, Pennsylvania
September 15, 2018 The North Face Endurance Challenge - Wisconsin 5K, 10K, 13.1M, 26.2M, 50K, 50M Dousman, Wisconsin
September 15, 2018 Bays Mountain Trail Race 15M Kingsport, Tennessee
September 15, 2018 Beaver Flat 50 50K Swift Current, Saskatchewan
September 15, 2018 Bull of the Woods Trail Races/Kachina Peak Marathon 10M, 14M, 26M Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
September 16, 2018 Emerald Bay Trail Run 10K Tahoma, California
September 22, 2018 Iola Trail Run 5K, 15K Iola, Wisconsin
September 29, 2018 Mighty Quail Trail 100k 100K Penticton, British Columbia
September 29, 2018 Eagleton Trail Challenge 10K, 25K, 50K Lock Haven, Pennsylvania