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Special Bonus Episode - DNS

BY Zoë Rom

A pep-talk of listener-submitted stories for a tough time.

Brendan Leonard's Path To Radness

Episode 3 — Post Script

BY Zoë Rom

At age 23, Brendan Leonard was a mess. After years of drinking past last call, fist-fights, wrecked cars, multiple arrests and two DUI’s and a stint in jail, Brendan got sober.

His story is about the optimism and courage it takes to quit drinking, and how wonderful it is to live in the after.




Finding worth in and out of work.

Episode 2 — Getting To Maybe

BY Zoë Rom

David Roche had the job he’d always dreamed of, working as an environmental lawyer and policy advisor. There was just one problem. David was deeply unhappy.

This week’s episode of DNF grapples with feeling unfulfilled at work, and knowing when to leave your dream job.

And, William Faulkner vs. the U.S. Postal Service.

How Cat Bradley learned to reframe failure.

Episode 1 — Mr. Teacher

BY Zoë Rom

In 2017, Cat Bradley was teaching kindergarten and training for Western States. Then, she was unexpectedly laid-off, forcing her to confront the relationship between her job and her identity en route to the biggest race of her career. Also, a brief history of blimps.

Trail Runner Magazine Presents: DNF

DNF - Coming January 2020

BY Zoë Rom

DNF is a podcast about failure in life and running. It’s about unfinished business, and the unglamorous work of picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and moving on.