Back-to-Back Long Runs and Workouts: Next-Level Training, if Done Right

Stacking harder efforts can have performance improvements. Here’s how to go about it

Training Plans

6 Ways Trail-Running Pros Beat the Pre-Race Butterflies

Nerves affect every runner at some point before a race. Here’s how some top trail runners handle the stress.

Trail Tips

Should You Fast Before a Run?

Fasted running may improve fat oxidation and stave off the dreaded "bonk"


Build Strength and Speed for Sub-Ultra Trail Racing

How Megan Roche trained for her win at the NACAC Mountain Running Champs—and what you can take away from it


Trail Running While Pregnant: What You Need to Know

It's O.K. to keep running, as long as you keep some basic guidelines in mind

Trail Tips

The Foolproof Weekly Workout: Corrine’s VO2 Hills

A simple, effective workout for time-crunched trail runners

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