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Going Solo - Page 3

Post-Race Party. Make it what you like. If you are an introvert who wants to sip a couple brews alone, do it. If you want a huge gala, get family and friends involved, or coax a friend into throwing the shindig. Make it a reason to finish.

After conquering your own solo ultra you may just agree with Karnazes, who says, "I enjoy racing and competition, but running solo and navigating my own course is my favorite activity."


Don't be surprised if...

  • The weather is unseasonably bad. Be mentally prepared for poor conditions, whether it be rain, snow, wind or heat.
  • Your solitude is broken by people. We don't own the trails, so hikers, tourists and other runners may be on your ultra circuit.
  • You feel better than ever. Thousands of footfalls and hours of uncluttered thinking add up to a clear mind and a sense of well being.
  • The highs and lows are pronounced. Being undistracted you will notice your peaks and valleys.
  • Before you've finished, you'll be planning another. Going ultra solo doesn't replace organized events; it only adds depth to the life of a trail runner.


Keep It Safe: Remember these must-haves

:: Flashlight and/or headlamp

:: Cell phone

:: Identification

:: Spare car key

:: Warm clothes and rain gear

:: First-aid kit

:: Extra socks

:: Vaseline

:: Ace Bandage

:: Map and compass

:: Sunscreen

:: Rain shell

:: Knife or multi-tool

:: Gloves

:: Sunglasses


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