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Workout Wednesday May 8—Ocho de Mayo

Still tired from Cinco de Mayo? It's time to hit the trails.

Trail Runner Magazine May 8th, 2019

Workout Wednesday May 8—Ocho de Mayo

Whether you’re in the middle of a robust training cycle or just getting off the couch, here’s a workout that can be modified to your liking.

Prep: Practice CO2 breathing to increase your CO2 tolerance. 4-second inhale, hold for 4 seconds, 4-second exhale, hold for 4 seconds. Repeat for 2 or 3 minutes. Do your 3-minute mountain legs while listening to this song. Or this song.

3 miles easy running to the nearest hill (or staircase if you’re urban).
You’re going to run up and down this hill 9 times.
The first three times, do 20 seconds easy, focusing your breath with 90 seconds recovery.
The second set of three, do 20 seconds at a moderate pace, focusing on form and breath with 90 seconds recovery.
The last set of three, do 20 seconds all out, focusing on turnover, form and breath with 90 seconds recovery.
3 miles easy cool down.


Remember to do your foot stretches.



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