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Trail Runner magazine October 1st, 2011

Mission Statement

Trail Runner is the only magazine dedicated to the off-road running community, encouraging runners of all ages and abilities to experience the outdoors and achieve a healthier lifestyle through off-road running. Trail Runner magazine inspires and informs with accurate, intelligent and in-depth writing and compelling photography.

Comprehensive Race Directory

Our annual race directory, published each December, features over 1300 trail races (including a host of international events) and is also posted on our online race calendar, where listings are continuously updated throughout the year.


Written by trail runners (our staff has logged races and runs from 5K to 200-plus miles) for trail runners, we are the voice of the sport, and beginners and veterans alike depend on our in-depth, well-researched articles.

Trophy Series Supplement

Since its inception in 2003, the Trail Runner Trophy Series is North America’s largest trail-running series. Each February and June, Trail Runner publishes a special 32-page Trophy Series supplement distributed to all 33,000 Trophy Series race participants between March and September.

Inside Dirt Newsletter

Trail Runner‘s free multi-media e-newsletter, distributed monthly via email to 75,000+ readers, highlights trail news, tips and trail-running culture in between regular issues of the print magazine.

Big Stone Publishing

Big Stone Publishing produces Trail Runner magazine, the authority on off-road running since 1999, and Rock and Ice, the only climbing magazine that is climber owned and operated. With a cumulative 120 years of staff experience, we remain committed to publishing the highest quality and most authentic magazines. In 2005, the Western Publishers Association voted Rock and Ice the “Best Consumer Outdoor Recreation” magazine. Today, with both print and online versions of each magazine, our ability to inform and inspire trail runners and climbers worldwide is unsurpassed.


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