Trail Runner magazine October 1st, 2011

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Trail Runner is the only magazine for off-road running in North America. Our readers live for those spirited moments away from the concrete and exhaust, and we keep them stoked.

In 2014, the Running Industry Report (compiled by Running USA) noted that trail runners grew to more than 6.7 million in 2013. Keeping pace, Trail Runner has a social media audience of 331,700 and our website traffic surged in the second half of 2014 by 50%, compared to the same time a year prior. Every week we email exclusive content and updates to more than 104,000 trail runners.

Trail Runner is the only publication with a full array of resources that reaches this passionate running audience. With print, digital, web, social, and email opportunities, we can make sure your reach extends beyond traditional limits to get to a market that wants to purchase your products.

According to our 2015 Reader Survey, readers are engaged with advertising;

56% purchase advertised gear

91% participate in trail races

77% participate in road races

40% buy more than 3 pairs of running shoes every year

Total Readership: 103,770

Avg. Age: 45

Avg. Household Income: $114,450

Avg. Monthly Pageviews: 650,000

Avg. Monthly Unique Visitors: 187,000

If you are interested in advertising your brand or race to our readers, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Digital/Web/Print Advertising

Kristin Andersen Garwood, Advertising Sales Manager
970-704-1442 ext. 120


Paula Stepp, Associate Publisher
970-704-1442 ext. 116

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